Thinking about when

When I make more money  ______________

When the kids are older ______________

When we find that A player ______________

When the stress calms down  ______________

When I get through this year ______________

When we have more traction ______________

When you come around ______________

When I have more time ______________

When the quarter is over ______________

When I get through this crunch ______________

When we close that deal ______________

When I raise the round ______________

When my parents retire ______________

When I graduate ______________

When I’m sure  ______________

When I’m over her ______________

When we’re all together ______________

When the stars align ______________

When I am done ______________

When you are done thinking about what will happen when ______________

We spend forever thinking about what we’ll accomplish when. Imagine if we spent that time and energy accomplishing all we can accomplish now.

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